José Basilio Acerete Gil
Senior Lecturer
Personal Docente e Investigador
Departamento de Contabilidad y Finanzas
Area de Economia Financiera y Contabilidad
Facultad de Economía y Empresa
Facultad de Economía y Empresa
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Contabilidad pública(27333)

Contabilidad de las administraciones públicas(27434)

Información financiera avanzada y situaciones de dificultad financiera(61422)

Estados financieros(27317)


Research activity: 


Basilio Acerete is a Senior Lecturer of Accounting at the University of Zaragoza (UZ). He has taught courses in financial economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration since 2001. His PhD dissertation on Public-Private Partnerships pioneered this topic in Spain. 


He has been a Visiting Researcher and Erasmus lecturer in several European universities: Manchester Business School (United Kingdom), Glasgow Caledonian University (United Kingdom), University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom.


Research topics:


Accounting issues of Public-Private Partnerships

Financial performance of Public-Private Partnerships

Corporate governance in Public-Private Partnerships



Papers selected:

·         Acerete, B., Mar Gasca, Stafford, A., & Stapleton, P. (2015). A comparative policy analysis of healthcare PPPs: examining evidence from two Spanish regions from an international perspective. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 17(5), 502-518.(JCR Impact Factor 2014: 0.612)

·         Royo, S., Yetano, A. and Acerete, B. (2014). "E-participation and environmental protection: Are local governments really committed?". Public Administration Review, Vol. 74 (1), pp. 87–98. ((JCR Impact Factor 2014: 1,973).

·         Acerete, B., Stafford, A., & Stapleton, P. (2012). New development: New global health care PPP developments—a critique of the success story. Public Money and Management, 32(4), 311-314. (JCR Impact Factor 2014: 0.598)

·         Acerete, B., Llena, F. and Moneva, J.M. (2011). “Environmental disclosure in financial statements: An analysis of Spanish toll motorway concessionaires”. Transportation Research Part D: transport and environment, Vol. 16, pp. 377-383. (JCR Impact Factor 2010: 1,659).

·         Acerete, B., Stafford, A., & Stapleton, P. (2011). Spanish healthcare public private partnerships: The 'Alzira model'. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 22(6), 533-549.

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