Sonia Royo Montañés
Senior Lecturer
Personal Docente e Investigador
Departamento de Contabilidad y Finanzas
Area de Economia Financiera y Contabilidad
Facultad de Economía y Empresa
Facultad de Economía y Empresa
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Contabilidad pública(27333)

Contabilidad de las administraciones públicas(27434)

Metodología de investigación en contabilidad(61427)

Contabilidad financiera II(27306)


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Sonia Royo is a Senior Lecturer of Accounting at the University of Zaragoza (UZ). She has taught courses in financial economics and accounting at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration since 2006. Her PhD dissertation on e-government received a prizefrom the EU Committee of the Regions (2008). She has also received other awards, including the “June Pallot Award” for the best article published in the International Public Management Journal in 2010. She has been a visiting researcher at the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield (UK).



Research topics:


·         E-government


·         Accountability in public sector institutions


·         Corporate governance in public sector institutions


·         Citizen participation



Papers selected:

·         “Crowdsourcing as a tool for e-participation: two experiences regarding CO2 emissions at municipal level” (with Ana Yetano), Electronic Commerce Research, 2015, 15, pp. 323-348. (SSCI Business, Management, JCR Impact Factor 2015: 1.271)

·         “Citizens' engagement on local governments' Facebook sites. An empirical analysis: the impact of different media and content types in Western Europe” (with Enrique Bonsón and Melinda Ratkai), Government Information Quarterly, 2015, 32, pp. 52-62. (SSCI Information Science & Library Science, JCR Impact Factor 2015: 2.515)

·         “E-participation and environmental protection: Are local governments really committed?” (with Ana Yetano and Basilio Acerete), Public Administration Review, 2014, 74, pp.87-98. (SSCI Public Administration, JCR Impact Factor 2014: 1.973)

·         “Local e-government 2.0: Social media and corporate transparency in municipalities” (with Enrique Bonsón, Lourdes Torres and Francisco Flores), Government Information Quarterly, 2012, 29, pp. 123-132. (SSCI Information Science & Library Science, JCR Impact Factor 2012: 1.910)

·         “Is E-Government Promoting Convergence Towards More Accountable Local Governments?” (with Vicente Pina and Lourdes Torres), International Public Management Journal, 2010, 13, pp.350-380. (SSCI Public Administration, JCR Impact Factor 2010: 1.949)

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